American arbitration association essay

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American arbitration association essay

If there ever is a situation in which a binding arbitration clause is acceptable, there should at least be a choice of who the arbitration is and the choices should be neutral parties ex.

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I do not think that binding arbitration clauses should be includable in employment contracts. There are too many laws and regulations regarding employers and the way businesses operate the I do not think an arbitrator would be anywhere near as knowledgeable in these matters as a court would be, even if it was their area of expertise.

Between discrimination and work conditions, I feel that there is way too much at stake to put in the hands of an arbitrator. I do think that binding arbitration clauses can not should, but CAN be includable in credit card agreements and cell phone agreements. I really do not think that binding arbitration clauses should be included in any kind of contract because the severity of charges can vary so much that the courts can decide which cases can be arbitrated.

American arbitration association essay

In both credit card and cell phone contracts, the majority of cases will only deal with small amounts of money. In contrast, there is so much at stake with home construction, that I do not think that construction contracts are an appropriate place for such clauses.

I consider myself a pretty compassionate person. Therefore, I do not think that there should be ANY prerequisite to obtaining medical treatment, especially signing a contract with a binding arbitration clause. I believe that every contract should have the option to be enforced by the courts.

Arbitration should be something that parties agree to, not something they are forced into.

Binding Arbitration Clauses - Essay

I think that including a binding arbitration clause in an employment contract would produce undue influence. The applicant for employment may easily think that if they do not sign the contract that they will not get the job. In addition, since you would typically only sign an employment contract after you had been offered a job, it would be a bit harder to find another employer in a good amount of time.

As for credit card, cell phone, and home construction contracts, there are many other options available and less of a time factorArbitration is “a forum in which each party and counsel for the party present the position of the party before an impartial third party, who renders a specific award.” (7 Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §).

Arbitration Law Essays.

American arbitration association essay

The selection of arbitration law essays below have been submitted to us by students in order to help you with your studies. Please remember to reference if you wish to cite any of these essays in your own work. To meet this requirement, a company can choose an ADR provider such as the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, the international division of the American Arbitration Association (ICDR-AAA SM) to resolve its disputes.

MEDIATION & ARBITRATION Required Reading Please review the following materials in this order and access via ProQuest where no link is provided: 1. Shachar, M. (). Conflict Resolution Management (CRM).

American arbitration association essay

Text Book. Chapter 5. 2. PowerPoint Presentation: Foundations of Conflict Resolution: Module 4 3. The American . The American Arbitration Associate (AAA) established in as the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR) that is committed to the role of providing .

The American Arbitration Association in its work faces several challenges which need to be addressed in order to perform well. Introduction The American Arbitration Association (AAA) is an enterprise whose role is to arbitrate and to resolve disputes between parties.

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