Best learning experience

What kind of security checks are done on hosts? In general - when arranging to visit a WWOOF host we recommend you take all the precautions you would take when visiting someone you do not know.

Best learning experience

Element of threat Physical Organism The physical organism provides individuals with the perceptual apparatus for sensing the world around them. Pilots, for example, must be able to see, hear, feel, and respond adequately while they are in the air. A person whose perceptual apparatus distorts reality is denied the right to fly at the time of the first medical examination.

Basic Need A person's basic need is to maintain and enhance the organized self. The self is a person's past, present, Best learning experience future combined; it is both physical and psychological.

A person's most fundamental, pressing need is to preserve and perpetuate the self. All perceptions are affected by this need. Just as the food one eats and the air one breathes become part of the physical self, so do the sights one sees and the sounds one hears become part of the psychological self.

Psychologically, we are what we perceive. A person has physical barriers which keep out those things that would be damaging to the physical being, such as blinking at an arc weld or flinching from a hot iron. Likewise, a person has perceptual barriers that block those sights, sounds, and feelings which pose a psychological threat.

Helping people learn requires finding ways to aid them in developing better perceptions in spite of their defense mechanisms.

Since a person's basic need is to maintain and enhance the self, the instructor must recognize that anything that is asked of the student which may be interpreted by the student as imperiling the self will be resisted or denied. To teach effectively, it is necessary to work with this life force. Goals and Values Perceptions depend on one's goals and values.

Every experience and sensation which is funneled into one's central nervous system is colored by the individual's own beliefs and value structures. Spectators at a ball game may see an infraction or foul differently depending on which team they support. The precise kinds of commitments and philosophical outlooks which the student holds are important for the instructor to know, since this knowledge will assist in predicting how the student will interpret experiences and instructions.

Goals are also a product of one's value structure.

Best learning experience

Those things which are more highly valued and cherished are pursued; those which are accorded less value and importance are not sought after. Self-Concept Self-concept is a powerful determinant in learning. A student's self-image, described in such terms as confident and insecure, has a great influence on the total perceptual process.

A negative self-concept inhibits the perceptual processes by introducing psychological barriers which tend to keep the student from perceiving. They may also inhibit the ability to properly implement that which is perceived.DreamBox Learning and The Rise Fund Join Forces to Drive Impact and Growth.

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