Demonstracting effective leadership

But when you're forming work teams to help accomplish some of your business goals, you have a feeling you must do something more — a lot more — to ensure your employees stay motivated, focused and on-task.

Demonstracting effective leadership

Successful team member relationships often extend beyond the walls of the workplace and into the personal lives of the workers. Communicate what you expect each team member to accomplish in such a way that all members know you are aware of their particular talents.

Set goals and build on their strengths.

Demonstracting effective leadership

Give them a verbal boost whenever they tackle an assignment that goes outside their comfort zone. Demonstrate to your team that you are accountable to them and to your superiors by being reliable and responsible. Serve as a role model for your team by doing your best work at all times. Expect the same from them.

As you work together, you and the team can begin to trust each other to consistently accomplish tasks promptly.

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Recognize the work your team accomplishes. Look for positive things to say to each member on a daily basis. While constructive criticism has its place, offer it in a manner that does not discourage the team. For example, during morning briefings let each team member identify some business trait they appreciate about the person seated to their left.

Listen to what the team members have to say about each other and to you in a nonjudgmental manner. If your team members share a concern with you, take steps to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Keep the team informed regarding the resolution. Give your team glimpses of your personal life.

This makes you seem more approachable as the leader. Encourage them to do the same. Build team member relationships outside the office. As time and finances allow, try to plan some fun activity that the entire group can share. The camaraderie from the outing carries back into the workplace.

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How can thorough hand washing limit the spread of infectious diseases? Description of Content. Demonstracting Effective Leadership.

Topics: Management Effective Leadership DeLynne Carriker Nur/ March 11, Rachel Gonzales Effective Leadership Leadership may vary in many ways, depending on the individual doing the leading of the group or team.

The greatest value a leader can have is compassion for those who follow him or her.

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