General studies coursework

Completion of 18 semester hours of coursework in American Sign Language to include Second language acquisition, sociology of the deaf community, linguistic structure of American Sign Language, language teaching methodology specific to American Sign Language, teaching the culture of deaf people, assessment of students in an American Sign Language program. In addition, the teacher must be the holder of or be eligible for one other teaching endorsement. Completion of twenty-four semester hours in art to include course work in art history, studio art, and two and three dimensional art. Completion of 30 semester hours in business to include 6 semester hours in accounting, 3 semester hours in business law to include contract law, 3 semester hours in computer and technical applications in business, 6 semester hours in marketing to include consumer studies, 3 semester hours in management, 6 semester hours in economics, and 3 semester hours in business communications to include formatting, language usage, and oral presentation.

General studies coursework

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History with Premed concentration Path to GS: Arrived in Texas as a foreign exchange student from Ukraine Attended various community colleges While living in Rochester, NY my stepfather turned me on to the healthcare field Worked as a nurse for two years and decided I wanted to become a doctor Today: Mowshowitz's lecture on the use of viruses in genetic engineering.

The administrators are easily reached for professional advice on anything from applying to a medical school to choosing a volunteer program. In this demanding and fast-paced atmosphere my classmates become a major part of my daily social support-system and together we even contribute to the neighborhood of Morningside Heights: I'm very happy about where I am nowadays.

General studies coursework

Musical theater performer Voice and dance instructor at a performing arts academy Today: I'm fluent in Spanish, French, and Italian. Political Science Path to GS: Lauren works in sales and electronic initiatives at a credit derivatives brokerage firm in New York City. I felt pretty out of touch with the world outside of swimming.

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After competing in the Olympics, I wanted to see what other challenges awaited me, so I applied to GS. Initially I thought a school like Columbia was out of my league, until I attended a regional information session and found out about GS and its preference for students with nontraditional backgrounds like myself.Prerequisite Coursework.

In addition to meeting the admission requirements, all applicants must complete the following prerequisite coursework for consideration of his/her application for acceptance into the program.A Bachelor’s degree is not required for admission into the Doctor of . Requirements for Teaching Endorsements.

Please note: In addition to the required number of content semester hours of credit for each endorsement area, it is possible that you will have to complete elements of the professional education core as you seek to add endorsements.

The Sociology Option of the General Studies A.A.

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degree program is a recommended program of study for students interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree in sociology. Some colleges have more interdisciplinary options for their general studies requirements while others specify particular courses.

General studies coursework

Core Courses Third, coursework pertaining directly to social work focuses on social policy, behavioral science, and human rights policy. The University of Southern Indiana (USI) offers more than 80 majors, including a bachelor degree in Professional Studies program.

The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies offers you a chance to develop an appreciation of several academic disciplines while helping you to attain baccalaureate-level critical thinking and communication skills.

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