Greener pastures case study

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Greener pastures case study

Download the Kindle version of this review. Karlberg holds three earned degrees from Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia: Since the publication of Dr. RobbinsGospel Grace: The Modern-day Controversy by Mark W. RobbinsChristianity and Neo-Liberalism: ElliottThe Auburn Avenue Theology: Reformed Orthodoxy at the Crossroads by Mark W.

Cunhaand Engaging Westminster Calvinism: Karlberg Wipf and Stock, That member has since resigned his membership at Tenth and has moved out of the PCA altogether. Karlberg brings us up to date in this sequel to The Changing of the Guard. Juodaitis, Publisher Introduction Once sound institutions can and do err, resulting in the loss of theological and moral footing.

This fact of church history is readily acknowledged by those committed to the preservation and propagation of Reformed orthodoxy in its essentials. The hard part for many is to recognize when and where deviation in the fundamentals of doctrine occurs in institutions once held in high regard.

It is required — above all — that one remain faithful by taking a stand for truth, rather than demonstrating an unwillingness, a reluctance, or a refusal to speak out.

Of course, there are those who will continue to support an institution for gain, whether personal or otherwise. Seduced by false rhetoric, charmed by personalities, threatened by retaliation or retribution of one kind or another, far too many individuals and organizations retreat from their obligation.

Given the current upheaval within the Reformed community, the question arises: Why the necessity for all these writings and reaffirmations? The answer is simply the fact that the Biblical, Reformed doctrine of justification more broadly, the doctrine of union with Christ is under fierce assault from a variety of sources.

Hence the urgency over the last four decades to restate and to defend the teaching of historic Protestant-Reformed orthodoxy.

A second question to be asked is: What is the chief source of defection within the evangelical-Reformed camp? And why the widespread reticence to name this source in academia?

Should there be any doubt, let it be clearly said: Why are so many students leaving Westminster with views contrary to that of classic Reformed teaching, especially as regards the formal and the material principles of the Protestant Reformation the doctrine of Scripture and the doctrine of justification by faith respectively?

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What lies before us is not a minor skirmish, but a crisis of confidence and trust. What we are facing is an ever-widening spread of theological corruption, one that is severely impeding the work of the kingdom of Christ and witness to his Gospel of saving grace.

Greener pastures case study

As noted often in my previous writings, Reformed theology is the theology of the covenants. This essay addresses two related elements in the system of doctrine — one that is primary, the other secondary.

Denial of the first element results in a radical reinterpretation of covenant theology leading to heterodoxy ; a faulty understanding of the latter results in a defective view of the Covenant of Works, one nevertheless falling within the bounds of historic Reformed orthodoxy.

Within the Reformed tradition this contrast has been uniquely applied to the covenantal structure of Biblical history, redemptive and pre-redemptive. And so it is that this doctrine of the covenants distinguishes the Reformed tradition from all other Protestant traditions.

In modern times, the first major assault on this doctrine came from Karl Barth; in more recent times, in the work of Norman Shepherd and Richard Gaffin, Jr. As early as matriculation into the M. All told, these studies had an impact on the course of the Shepherd controversy. Needless to say, these years at Westminster were exceedingly turbulent.

Up to the current time, the situation remains much the same within the seminary community-at-large. This misjudgment was motivated, in part, by legal challenges raised by the theological accrediting agencies standing in the wings to protect the name and reputation of tenured professors.

The same miscalculation — and for the same reason — was later repeated by President Peter Lillback and the seminary faculty in the dismissal of Peter Enns from the Old Testament department.Greener Pastures Decision to be made Stone Age Marketing Consultants must assess the viability of HydroCan and its product, StaGreen, and determine which market to target and how to position StaGreen in that market, while developing a viable marketing strategy for the launch year.

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