Persuasive essays comprehensive sex education

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Persuasive essays comprehensive sex education

I begin with this story about sex education in the United States by noting that the problems in teaching sex education do not simply occur in conservative states. In fact, the mockery that is sex education in many places in the U.

When I was a sophomore attending a New York City public school, our math teacher was sick one day and a substitute was sent in. The class was excited to find that, not only would we not have our regular lesson, but the substitute sent in was a health and fitness teacher and not a math teacher, therefore almost guaranteeing that we would not be doing work.

In my school, students either learned about sex education at the beginning or at the end of their high school careers. It was an all or nothing game that the school played: Half of you learn it all now, the other half, well, we hope your parents and peers will share some information.

The system was clearly flawed, but we were lucky to even have sex ed. Over the years, the arguments against sex ed in the U.

It begins in kindergarten and continues into high school. It sweeps across disciplines, taking up the biology of reproduction, the psychology of relationships, the sociology of the family, and the sexology of masturbation and massage.

It seeks not simply to reduce health risks to teenagers but also to build self esteem, prevent sexual abuse, promote respect for all kinds of families, and make little boys more nurturant and little girls more assertive. Elders explains, comprehensive sex education is not just about giving children a "plumbing lesson.

How could Comprehensive Sex Ed, which proposes to promote a gender-balanced Sex Education curriculum that counteracts negative forces such as the U. Because where there's a will, there's a way, I present the most seven most ridiculous arguments against Comprehensive Sex Education. While on one hand, authorities can legally restrict students from hitting the road, they cannot in fact restrict them from hitting the sack.

As a result, students are having sex much before they are able to drive, and much before they receive any sort of appropriately accurate information about the subject. Equating the driving age as the age students should learn about sex is silly — considering that many students are engaging in sexual activity before this.

As lawmakers in Ohio discovereda fair and balanced form of sex education should involve information about sexual all kinds of sexual activity that may result in pregnancy or an STD. Assuming that the narrative is one in which Sex Ed consequently leads to "gateway" sexual activity, which must lead to intercourse is preposterous.

After protesting the abstinence-only program at her school, the school's principal threatened to call Wellesley College, one of the most progressive Universities and Seven Sisters Women's college! This coming in the wake of the Steubenville Rape trial, and controversy over Ohio lawmakers' attempts to pass abstinence-only education laws in the state.

Despite the fact that abstinence only education has been proven to be ineffectivelegislators still give taxpayer money to programs that do not work. Parents see such courses and content as supplementing, not supplanting, their discussions at home. The logic of the highly moralistic argument that relies on the premise that the right kind of sex occurs between two people who are in married, has been challenged by the statistics indicate that the rate of first marriage among men 29 and women 27 in the U.

This argument would have held water in when on average, women and men were married at the ages of 22 and 20 respectively. It means that women are having children they are not prepared to support due to economic factors and lack of options in terms of education, prevention and abortion options.

Wouldn't better sex education simply lead to lower rates of abortion? A pro-life or anti-choice, whatever is preferred activist states the connection between sex ed and abortion as follows: Sex Ed teaches students about contraception, which leads them want to prevent the "blessing of children," turning towards abortion when necessary.

This argument dissolves into the imposition of the theological morality that sexual activity should inevitably result in children.Argumentative and persuasive essays In an argumentative (or persuasive) chooses a position on a certain issue and sets out to defend it in the body of the paper.

A good argumentative essay identifies the opposition and reviews the opposing views in a conscise and comprehensive manner. What Is Special about a Persuasive Speech on Sex Education? In comparison to an argumentative essay, a persuasive speech writing requires you to take into account a lot of more details.


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Emotions More Arguments for a Sex Education Persuasive Speech There are a . Feb 14,  · 3. Persuasive Essay About Smoking Smoking and Yellow Fingernails - Words.

The topic of cigarette smoking being banned has been .

Persuasive essays comprehensive sex education

Apr 24,  · Melanie Shaw talks to Anna Bragga about Beechwood, confessions of a serial killer and persecution - Duration: Conscience Media 41, views. There are also two kinds of sex education which are abstinence-only programs and comprehensive education.

However, both of them also teach about the process of sex education which can lead to teenagers understanding about how to make their choices and making them right. Nov 20,  · Persuasive Speech Topics for Middle School Students For years supporters of two different approaches to sex education, that is pro-abstinence sex education and comprehensive sex education, have been involved in a blazing discussion.

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