Pina bausch dance theater and german

There are eleven gallery spaces: Gagosian Gallery began in in Los Angeles. Inthe business moved from Los Angeles to New York. InGagosian opened a second space on West 23rd Street in Manhattan.

Pina bausch dance theater and german

Nearly 35 years later, it still feels fresh.

Keep Exploring Britannica Early life[ edit ] Bausch was born in Solingenthe daughter of August and Anita Bausch, who owned a restaurant with guest rooms.
Pina Bausch - Wikipedia Cut to a wide angle of the same stage, temporarily devoid of these dancers, as stage hands spread a floor of thick brown soil, an arena for a multiplying group of shoeless women in white negligees to prance about in, growing increasingly dirty, as none of the now-more-than dozen appear to be willing to approach the lone colorful swath of cloth lying at stage center: Enter an equally large group of barefoot, breathless men clad only in dark pants.
Pina Bausch | Who is Pina Bausch and what is her legacy to the dance world? Her dance training under Kurt Jooss, a leader in the German movement to synthesize classical and modern dance, gave Pina a sense of the freedom to be found in dance whilst building a classical foundation.

October 28 Consider high school, and the navigation of social politics — and self-doubt — to find a date to Homecoming if you were cool enough to go. Reflect on the jitters of angst and possibility every time you walked into a bar alone: Do you remember the first time you stood naked in front of someone?

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The first time you were sexually humiliated? Inside this hall, twelve women and eleven men converge, each a unique, captivating being.

Pina bausch dance theater and german

They begin seated in folding chairs, lined along the perimeter. One by one they walk forward and face the audience like a mirror, pull back their face, turn sideways and suck in their bellies — you know, all the primping and posing we do before presenting ourselves to our peers and romantic prospects.

They do so in typical Bausch uniform: What follows, in standard Bausch structure, is a series of vignettes, all set to German dance hall music of the s. It gives the work a feel-good vintagey vibe, a pre-war bounce and optimism.

But Kontakthof is not a romp: In her view, we are all the imperfect sum of our desires, quirks, insecurities, delusions, anxieties, hopes and disappointments. Her fearless dancers embody all of that with humor and grace, which perhaps inspires us to do the same.

In one section, the dancers sit in a line facing the audience and tell us their most humiliating dating experiences, in their native tongues.

But we can relate. One of the striking things about Kontakthof, despite the throwback soundtrack and styling, is how contemporary it still feels and how much of the mating rituals are recognizable, even if technology has redefined them.

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Nazareth Panadero in 'Kontakthof' Tanztheater Wuppertal, more than perhaps any other dance company in memory, is a family of individuals. Each is a character in his or her own wild way several have been with the troupe nearly since the beginning.

The variety of ages, nationalities, body types and dispositions is refreshing: These are real people, perhaps a bit cartoonish, and all extraordinary movers, but they make you realize how rare it is to see such physical variety in dance. Their sheer gowns, naked backs and constantly whipping hair render them perpetually sexualized.

Pina Bausch, 68; iconoclast fused theater and absurdism into dance - The Boston Globe

More often than not, they are being chased or flung about by men. In one scene in Kontakthof, Nazareth Panadero becomes a lifeless doll to the pokes, pinches and prods of the male cast. The men never appear so desperate. Yet they never appear as colorful, complicated and fun as the women, either.

Pina bausch dance theater and german

Yet despite, or perhaps because of these contradictions, the women of Tanztheater Wuppertal emerge with a sense of perseverance and hard-earned dignity. You feel like you can watch these performers forever — and Bausch tests that theory.

The first half runs well past the minute mark; the second half is significantly shorter. It could end earlier and still make an impact. But we indulge Pina because the world she has created is so welcoming and recognizable.

And because the duration is actually a necessary ingredient in experiencing the ups and downs of relationships: All of it is there.Pina Bausch.

17, likes. Philippina "Pina" Bausch was a German performer of modern dance, choreographer, dance teacher and ballet director. With her.

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It’s also a loving tribute to an artist now gone: Pina Bausch, a German choreographer noted for her uniquely dramatic brand of dance theater, died in at age 68, just as she and Wenders were. Play (»spiel«from the Old High German»spil«, meaning a dance move) and ritual belong to theatre along with movement, companionship and celebration.

Pina Bausch (pē´nə boush), –, German dancer and training with Kurt Jooss, she studied in New York with Antony Tudor, Paul Taylor, José Limon, and Paul began choreographing in and in assumed the post of ballet master of the Wuppertal State Opera Dance Theatre.

1).She brought dance, theatre and German expressionism together. A blend of raw emotionalism, stark movement, earthly pathos and humor. She developed a mixture of dance and theatre that was totally unfamiliar at the time (this was around the s).

Responding to a worldwide call by the Pina Bausch Foundation, dancers from Duluth made a short film based on German modern dancer, choreographer, dance instructor, and director Pina Bausch.

‘Pina’: a loving tribute to choreographer Pina Bausch, in 3-D | The Seattle Times