Research papers indian automobile industry

As ofChina leads the world in the production and use of wind power, solar photovoltaic power and smart grid technologies, generating almost as much water, wind and solar energy as all of France and Germany's power plants combined. China's renewable energy sector is growing faster than its fossil fuels and nuclear power capacity.

Research papers indian automobile industry

History of science and technology in the Indian subcontinentList of inventions and discoveries of the Indus Valley Civilizationand Timeline of Indian innovation Construction, Civil engineering and Architecture[ edit ] Iron pillar of Delhi: The world's first iron pillar was the Iron pillar of Delhi—erected at the time of Chandragupta II Vikramaditya — Earliest clear evidence of the origins of the stepwell is found in the Indus Valley Civilization's archaeological site at Mohenjodaro in Pakistan [3] and Dholavira in India.

The origin of the stupa can be traced to 3rd-century BCE India. Ancient bricks found throughout the region have dimensions that correspond to these units.

The earliest evidence for the existence of weighing scale dates to BC BC in the Indus valley civilization prior to which no banking was performed due to lack of scales. The crescograph, a device for measuring growth in plants, was invented in the early 20th century by the Bengali scientist Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose.

The incense clock is a timekeeping device used to measure minutes, hours, or days, incense clocks were commonly used at homes and temples in dynastic times. Although popularly associated with China the incense clock is believed to have originated in India, at least in its fundamental form if not function.

Wootz steel is an ultra-high carbon steel and the first form of crucible steel manufactured by the applications and use of nanomaterials in its microstructure and is characterised by its ultra-high carbon content exhibiting properties such as superplasticity,high impact hardness and held sway for over a millennium in three continents - a feat unlikely to be surpassed by advanced materials of the current era.

Oleg Sherby and Dr. Jeff Wadsworth and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have all done research, attempting to create steels with characteristics similar to Wootz, but without success J.

D Verhoeven and Al Pendray attained some success in the reconstruction methods of production, proved the role of impurities of ore in the pattern creation, and reproduced Wootz steel with patterns microscopically and visually identical to one of the ancient blade patterns. Considered one of the most remarkable feats in metallurgyit was invented in India in between and CE.

Kojo is a programming language and integrated development environment IDE for computer programming and learning. Kojo is an open-source software. It was created, and is actively developed, by Lalit Pant, a computer programmer and teacher living in DehradunIndia.

Research papers indian automobile industry

The earliest known instance of a ploughed field was found at Kalibangan [32] India ink: Inthe Bengali physicist Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose announced the development of an "iron-mercury-iron coherer with telephone detector" in a paper presented at the Royal Society, London.

Patent, "Detector for electrical disturbances"for a specific electromagnetic receiver.

Research papers indian automobile industry

The first public demonstration of microwave transmission was made by Jagadish Chandra Bosein Calcutta, intwo years before a similar demonstration by Marconi in England, and just a year after Oliver Lodge 's commemorative lecture on Radio communication, following Hertz's death.

Bose's revolutionary demonstration forms the foundation of the technology used in mobile telephony, radars, satellite communication, radios, television broadcast, WiFi, remote controls and countless other applications. Murty, a type of Lateral Shearing Interferometer utilizes a laser source for measuring refractive index.

The first iron-cased and metal-cylinder rockets were developed by Tipu Sultanruler of the South Indian Kingdom of Mysoreand his father Haither Aliin the s.

He successfully used these iron-cased rockets against the larger forces of the British East India Company during the Anglo-Mysore Wars.

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After Tipu's eventual defeat in the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War and the capture of the Mysore iron rockets, they were influential in British rocket development, inspiring the Congreve rocketand were soon put into use in the Napoleonic Wars. The dome shaped stupa was used in India as a commemorative monument associated with storing sacred relics.

Reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance: Phase III clinical trials are underway in India, slowed by insufficient volunteers. A very effective early shampoo was made by boiling Sapindus with dried Indian gooseberry aamla and a few other herbs, using the strained extract.

Sapindus, also known as soapberries or soapnuts, is called Ksuna Sanskrit: The extract of Ksuna, creates a lather which Indian texts identify as phenaka Sanskrit: Other products used for hair cleansing were shikakai Acacia concinnasoapnuts Sapindushibiscus flowers, [52] [53] ritha Sapindus mukorossi and arappu Albizzia Mathematics "All things in nature occur mathematically" Our Master of Science in Mathematics (MSMTH) program provides students with rigorous and thorough knowledge of a broad range of pure and applied areas of mathematics.

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TENCON will feature both invited and contributed papers. The best papers will be selected from the contributed papers for awards. The presented papers will be submitted to IEEE Xplore which is indexed by major databases. Research Papers on Technology in the Automobile Industry Technology in the Automobile Industry research papers look at safety, technology and how technology has helped cars drive safer.

The automobile industry, like almost all industries, is significantly impacted by technology.

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